Episode Guide

001 Rough Housing
Mrs. Garrett deals with Cindy, who is insecure after being nominated to compete against Blair for the title of Harvest Queen.

002 Like Mother, Like Daughter
Parent night is headed for disaster when Blair's attractive mother runs into an old high school beau whose wife is at home with the flu.

003 The Return of Mr. Garrett
Mrs. Garrett's ex-husband surprises everyone by proposing to her.

004 I.Q.
Tootie finds her friends' I.Q. scores and blabs the information, turning midterm week into a disaster.

005 Emily Dickinson
Blair's creative solution to one problem lands her smack in the middle of another that could compromise the honor of the entire school.

006 The Facts of Love
After a sex education lesson from Mrs. Garrett, Blair accepts a date to 'Make-out Mountain' with delivery boy Steve and his van.

007 Flash Flood
When Mr. Bradley rescues Blair and Tootie from a rising flood, Blair is more than pleased to express her gratitude.

008 Dope
Blair and Sue Ann decide to join an exclusive group of girls whose favorite pastime is smoking marijuana.

009 Running
Mr. Bradley's tactics to retain the state track championship have the girls competing with each other.

010 Adoption
Mr. Bradley's assignment to have his class trace their roots causes Natalie to search for her birth mother's name.

011 Dieting
Sue Ann places her health in jeopardy when she decides to go on a crash diet.

012 Molly's Holiday
Molly's parents are getting a divorce so she and the girls cook up a scheme to reconcile them.

013 Overachieving
Tootie's father, an intellectual snob, thinks Mrs. Garrett is a bad influence on his daughter and threatens to take her out of Eastland.

014 The New Girl Part I
Mrs. Garrett's decision to make roommates of streetwise new student Jo and snobbish Blair causes a headache for the start of the new semester.

015 The New Girl Part II
Mrs. Garrett tries to pick up the pieces after a scandalous scheme lands Jo, Blair, Tootie and Natalie in jail and expelled from Eastland. Mrs. Garrett negotiates a plan for reinstatement, but the girls can't decide if its terms are worse than life behind bars.

016 Double Standard Egotistical
Blair is positive her childhood friend Harrison Andrews will ask her to the country club cotillion, but is devastated to learn that for some unfathomable reason, he has invited Jo.

017 Who Am I?
Tootie has an identity crisis when her new boyfriend questions the motives of her white friends at Eastland.

018 Cousin Geri
A lifelong conflict is resurrected for Blair when her handicapped cousin Geri, an aspiring comedienne, pays a surprise visit on the eve of an award banquet honoring Blair. Geri Jewell, a comic with cerebral palsy, makes her television debut.

019 Shoplifting
Jo convinces Tootie and Natalie that money is no object for Mrs. Garrett's birthday present. Jo's desire to give Mrs. Garrett a gift to rival wealthy Blair's, provides Mrs. Garrett a birthday surprise none of them is likely to forget.

020 Teenage Marriage Part I
When Jo's boyfriend Eddie pops the question, Jo is torn between her own feelings and the efforts of her Eastland schoolmates to dissuade her from marriage.

021 Teenage Marriage Part II
Mrs. Garrett and the girls come up with delay tactics to hold off the marriage until Jo's mother can be contacted.

022 Breaking Point
Blair thinks being elected student council president is the most important thing in the world until a real tragedy strikes, forcing everyone to reassess their priorities.

023 Sex Symbol
After Natalie's first real date with a boy from neighboring Bates Academy, she receives a barrage of offers from his schoolmates who have heard she has quite a reputation.

024 The Secret
Jo wants her father to attend an award ceremony where she will be honored, but is afraid that her classmates will find out about his disreputable past.

025 Pretty Babies
A top fashion photographer is coming to Eastland to find the new face of the '80s and Blair is positive she's it. The photographer surprises everyone by choosing Tootie, but the price of her photo session proves costly.

026 Bought and Sold
Blair becomes a sales rep for a cosmetic company and sets out to give Natalie a makeover as a demonstration for prospective buyers, her classmates.

027 Free Spirit
Mrs. Garrett's son, Alex, visits Eastland, and no one is more taken with the young musician than Natalie.

028 Brian and Sylvia
Tootie and Natalie spend a weekend with Tootie's Aunt Sylvia, a news anchor in Buffalo. Sylvia and her husband Brian have a seemingly perfect marriage that is threatened when Sylvia gets a chance at the big time.

029 Gossip
Frustrated by her exclusion from the older girls' activities, Tootie's talents for eavesdropping and gossip ignite conflict and place Mrs. Garrett's future at Eastland in doubt.

030 Growing Pains
Tootie experiments with alcohol when she feels excluded by the older girls.

031 Fear Strikes Back
Natalie is assaulted on her way home from a campus party.

032 A Baby in the House
Blair is forced to reexamine her friend's "perfect" life when the ex-Eastland student, turned teenage wife and mother, stops by for a visit.

033 A Friend in Deed
Blair inadvertently learns that her mother has a lump in her breast.

034 Front Page
Jo writes a story to get revenge on her overly critical journalism teacher.

035 Give and Take
A financial disaster pushes Mrs. Garrett to the brink of an emotional breakdown, and the girls prove completely insensitive to her crisis.

036 Sweet Sorrow
A class in simulated marriage teaches Jo some real-life lessons in love when she finds herself more attracted to someone in her class than to her longtime boyfriend.

037 From Russia, with Love
Natalie concocts a scheme for a private weekend until a surprise visit from her over-adoring grandmother threatens to ruin her plans.

038 Dear Me
The girls plan a weekend camp out with the boys from Bates Academy, but young Tootie is apprehensive about going along. A seemingly perfect excuse not to go makes the predicament worse.

039 Cousin Geri Returns
Blair fears that her cousin Geri is being set up for a fall when she begins dating Eastland's attractive French teacher.

040 Legacy
Blair's decision to donate money inherited from her grandfather to the school library uncovers family secrets she doesn't know how to handle.

041 Green-Eyed Monster
Natalie wants the lead role in a school play and she's not about to let anything or anyone stand in the way—including her best friend, Tootie.

042 The Americanization of Miko
Jo befriends a new Japanese student who's eager to become Americanized, but her protective father is against it.

043 The Marriage Brokers
To the girls' delight, Mrs. Garrett's handsome visitor is more than a friend. Blair decides to find out how serious their relationship is.

044 Starstruck
Tootie gets the thrill of her life when her idol, rock star Jermaine Jackson, invites her to his concert for being his number-one fan.

045 The Four Musketeers
To continue living with each other or to split up? That's the question facing the girls when the end of their probationary period gives them an opportunity to go their separate ways.

046 The Affair
Natalie is crushed when she catches her father romancing a strange woman. But her toughest dilemma is deciding whether to confront him.

047 Runaway
Determined to prove her maturity, Tootie goes off to New York City unescorted to meet with friends at a theater. A teenage prostitute teaches her a harsh reality.

048 New York, New York
Everyone hopes the feud between Jo and Blair will be calmed by a visit home, but instead the trip has all the makings of disaster.

049 Kids Can Be Cruel
A vengeful Natalie is determined to get even with insensitive Blair, but she unwittingly entangles an innocent victim in her scheme.

050 Mind Your Own Business
A well-meaning Blair starts a battle over the right to privacy when she sneaks a peek at Natalie's diary.

051 The Academy
Jo coerces Blair into a date with a military cadet. Blair is in for a shock when she learns that the boy is a delinquent from New York City.

052 Jo's Cousin
Jo's 14-year-old cousin Terry is on the verge of womanhood and she desperately needs Jo's help to battle her overprotective father and brothers.

053 Read No Evil
When Jo discovers that several classic books and a magazine have been removed from the Eastland library, the entire school debates the issue of book banning.

054 The Facts of Life Goes to Paris, Part I
Mrs. Garrett and the girls all have their own fantasies about a summer in Paris. Unfortunately, Mrs. Garrett's culinary school is a disaster and the girls' summer boarding is oppressive and located miles away from the city.

055 The Facts of Life Goes to Paris, Part II
During the last few days of summer, the girls run away to Paris. Blair sets her sights on a French romance, Natalie and Tootie meet a famous author and Jo goes to the races with a French biker.

056 The Facts of Life Goes to Paris, Part III
Mrs. Garrett struggles through French culinary school, Blair searches vainly for romance and Jo argues constantly with her new boyfriend. Natalie and Tootie fare better, inspiring a failing writer to put down the bottle and pick up the pen again.

057 The Facts of Life Goes to Paris, Part IV
Mrs. Garrett passes her French culinary exam and finds a special friend in the process. After searching for a French boyfriend, Blair finds her best day is the one she spends by herself. Jo has to decide if she should go home or stay in France with her new love.

058 Ain't Miss Beholden
Jo's future at Eastland is in jeopardy when she learns her scholarship funds are drying up and that Blair may be her only chance to stay.

059 The Source
Natalie is under pressure to reveal her source for a controversial article she has written for the school paper.

060 The Sound of Silence
Tootie's sudden personality change and slipping grades are the result of a hearing problem.

061 The Oldest Living Graduate
Eastland's oldest living graduate, a rich eccentric, decides to leave her money to Eastland until Jo inadvertently changes her mind.

062 Different Drummer
Blair thinks she's doing a good deed by tutoring a mentally retarded young man, but the naive student misinterprets her good intentions.

063 Dearest Mommie
An emotional confrontation with her adoptive mother sends Natalie on a desperate search for her natural mother.

064 A Woman's Place
Jo's got a new job, a new boyfriend and a new problem when her exceptional ability gains her a quick promotion over her boyfriend.

065 Daddy's Girl
Blair's close relationship with her father is tested when a tax audit uncovers her father's questionable accounting.

066 The Big Fight
Unsuspecting Natalie becomes a pawn in a young military school's cadet battle to win respect from his father.

067 For the Asking
An outspoken Natalie is determined to boycott a school dance, but her one-man battle could leave her the odd woman out.

068 September Song
Mrs. Garrett is intent on getting in shape and unexpectedly gets a marriage proposal from her jogging partner.

069 A Royal Pain
Excitement reigns when royalty enrolls at Eastland, until Tootie accidentally discovers that the new student, a young princess, is a runaway who's getting ready to skip out again.

070 Magnificent Obsession
Blair is convinced that to hold on to a new boyfriend she has to be everything he wants her to be. But her behavior jeopardizes the respect of her best friends.

071 Under Pressure
When Mrs. Garrett is diagnosed with high blood pressure, the girls will do anything to shield her from stress. But their good intentions lead to a lie, a cover-up and big trouble.

072 Teacher's Pet
Jo is furious when she learns secondhand that an inspirational teacher is leaving Eastland.

073 Let's Party
The girls learn a frightening lesson about drinking and driving when they join Tootie's college-age brother and his roommate for a big night on the town.

074 Best Sister Part I
Blair's sister shows up at Eastland with news that she wants to become a nun.

075 Best Sister Part II
When Jo decides that she wants to become a nun along with Blair's sister, Blair sees herself as the only one who can talk them out of it.

076 Guess What's Coming to Dinner?
Chaos permeates Eastland when Mrs. Garrett's attempts to entertain her French visitors are met by a series of bizarre events.

077 Who's on First
When Cupid's arrow strikes, Natalie devotes all her time to her new beau, prompting a slighted Tootie into a deceitful course of action to regain her attention.

078 Help from Home
Jo makes a shocking announcement that she's decided to get a job instead of going to college.

079 Take My Finals, Please
In spite of Mrs. Garrett's opposition, the girls settle in for an all-night study session. As the hours slip away, every imaginable distraction impedes their preparation for final exams.

080 Graduation Part I
Blair and Jo finally achieve a common bond when their graduation from Eastland causes a flood of preparations and overreactions from their parents and friends.

081 Graduation Part II
Mrs. Garrett, Natalie and Tootie are reassuring and calm during the hectic last-minute graduation preparations. Blair and Jo see how much more they learned at Eastland than just academics.

082 Brave New World Part I
Mrs. Garrett is fed up, Tootie and Natalie are distraught, Jo faces expulsion from college and Blair is oblivious to it all, in the first of a special two-part story.

083 Brave New World Part II
Opening her own gourmet shop solves Mrs. Garrett's problems with Eastland, but leaves a tidal wave of housing troubles for Tootie, Natalie, Blair and Jo.

084 Gamma Gamma or Bust
College freshman Blair recommends Mrs. Garrett to cater a rush party for the sorority she's pledging. But in a fit of anger, she fires her with little regard for the consequences.

085 Just My Bill
Jo's in love, but when her regular guy turns out to be a rich kid, resentment sets in.

086 What Price Glory
Tootie discovers that her boyfriend, a college-bound star athlete, is illiterate. She has to decide whether to encourage him to learn to read, or help him cheat on a test he needs to pass in order to graduate.

087 The Halloween Show
Mrs. Garrett, possessed? Halloween hysteria sets in when a customer mysteriously disappears.

088 Advance Placement
When high school junior Natalie is permitted to enroll in a Langley College course, her overblown feeling of superiority threatens to destroy her friendship with Tootie, Blair and Jo.

089 I'm Dancing as Fast as I Can
Blair and Jo plan a birthday surprise for Mrs. Garrett. Their night out at a male exotic dance club uncovers a shocking surprise for Blair.

090 Small but Dangerous
Disregarding Jo's instincts, Mrs. Garrett and the girls befriend Kelly, a fast-talking street punk who ends up trying to extort protection money from them.

091 Store Games
The girls resort to espionage to save Edna's Edibles from financial ruin when a competing store woos away all of Mrs. Garrett's customers.

092 The Second Time Around
Jo's plan to reunite her divorced parents hits a snag when her father announces he's contemplating marriage to another woman.

093 The Christmas Show
Blair fails to trick Jo into accepting money that would allow her to spend the holidays with her mother, but she does devise an offer in the true spirit of Christmas that Jo can't refuse.

094 The Chain Letter
The girls sloppy work habits leads to the threat that Edna's Edibles will be closed down by the Board of Health.

095 Next Door
Tootie is the only one who may be able to walk a wary seven-year-old latchkey kid out of his apartment when an emergency mandates the evacuation of the entire block.

096 Crossing the Line
A friendship is jeopardized when Tootie questions Natalie's motives for accepting a date with her cousin, Michael.

097 All or Nothing
When Jo is elected to the Langley College Board of Regents, she finds she has to battle the majority to bring some common sense to the proceedings.

098 A Death in the Family
The unexpected death of Natalie's father reinforces the bonds that she has with her Peekskill family.

099 Big Fish/Little Fish
Blair suffers an identity crisis when she realizes that Jo has taken her place as the most popular girl at school.

100 Star at Langley
Blair is forced to compete for boyfriend Cliff's attention when a popular movie star enrolls at Langley.

101 Dream Marriage
A startling marriage proposal forces Blair to re-evaluate her goals.

102 Mother and Daughter
Tootie's inability to communicate with her mother sparks an explosive confrontation.

103 All by Herself
Blair's zealousness usurps all of cousin Geri's responsibility for organizing a charity auction.

104 Seems Like Old Times
Jo's love for her former Brooklyn beau is re-ignited during an unexpected visit, but a sobering secret could extinguish any possibility of a future for them.

105 Joint Custody
The future of Edna's Edibles is jeopardized by the troubled marriage of Mrs. Garrett's son.

106 The Way We Were Part I
Amidst the frenzy of a closing school year, the girls take time to reminisce about the good times—at least until Jo and Blair go at it again for what may be the last time.

107 The Way We Were Part II
When Tootie and Natalie try to convince Jo and Blair that they shouldn't let a minor mishap ruin their friendship, their advice seems to stir up more trouble than it solves.

108 The Summer of '84
When Mrs. Garrett and the girls return from vacation, they reminisce about their summers.

109 A Slice of Life
Jo's new pizza business using her family recipe gets out of control when demand far exceeds production.

110 Love at First Byte
When Natalie uses computer dating as the inspiration for her term paper, she uses Jo and Blair in her experiment without their permission.

111 My Boyfriend's Back
Tootie has to make a big decision in order to gain acceptance from her boyfriend, Jeff, and his new college friends.

112 Cruisin'
The girls take a cruise through downtown Peekskill on a Saturday night with the hopes of finding Mr. Right.

113 Taking a Chance on Love Part I
After Jo shares a doughnut with a professor, rumors of a budding romance spread across campus.

114 Taking a Chance on Love Part II
Jo's relationship with her professor grows serious when his son makes Jo contemplate her future.

115 E.G.O.C. (Edna Garrett on Campus)
Mrs. Garrett decides to take a Shakespeare class with Jo and Blair, but she feels out of place in a classroom setting. Broadway star Clive Revill makes a special appearance.

116 Dear Apple
Jo vents about a fight she's having with Blair to the school computer and is surprised by its very human advice.

117 Talk, Talk, Talk
Jo is forced to go on the air live for five hours at the campus radio station. Mrs. G and the girls come to her rescue as they frantically try to help her fill the airtime.

118 Smile
Natalie gets a chance at her big break in journalism, but she may lose out on the job—as well as her boyfriend.

119 The Rich Aren't Different
Blair shocks everyone by the serious action she takes to seek retribution from Jo for borrowing and breaking her watch.

120 Christmas in the Big House
In the spirit of Christmas, the girls and Mrs. Garrett get involved in putting on a show for an orphanage, only to have their good intentions land them in jail.

121 Me and Eleanor
Natalie assumes she'll once again write Tootie's performing entry for the Peekskill Theatre Competition until Tootie decides to go it alone.

122 Working It Out
Blair's irrational behavior and obsessive dating concerns Mrs. Garrett and the girls.

123 Jazzbeau
When Natalie and Tootie read that an old friend passed away, they remember the summer they met Art Jackson and learned he was once a great jazz singer.

124 Two Guys from Appleton
The high school sweetheart Mrs. Garrett ran out on suddenly appears and makes Mrs. Garrett a proposal she can't refuse. Ryan Cassidy makes his debut as Kevin, son of Mrs. Garrett's former beau and a new friend to the girls.

125 With a Little Help from My Friends
Blair's plans for a perfect day with boyfriend Nick keep getting delayed because he has to wait for a friend, who Jo fears is the campus drug dealer.

126 Gone with the Wind Part I
When the girls find out Natalie's grandmother's condominium is available, they jet to Ft. Lauderdale for spring break.

127 Gone with the Wind Part II
The girls meet the boys in Ft. Lauderdale during spring break. Jo is swept off her feet by a local rock star (Michael Damian) and Blair gets serious with an unlikely guy.

128 A Man in the Attic
Kevin's apartment search ends when Jo finds him a spot in Mrs. Garrett's empty attic. The arrangement becomes uncomfortable when he makes a move on Jo.

129 The Last Drive-In
The girls plan one last outing to the local drive-in before it closes, but a quiet night at the movies goes awry.

130 Sisters
Blair's mother and Jo's father bond during an alumni weekend at Langley. Blair and Jo fear the budding romance could make them sisters.

131 It's Lonely at the Top
Blair runs the store in her own way while Mrs. Garrett is out of town.

132 Bus Stop
Mrs. Garrett and the girls plan a surprise graduation party for Natalie who in turn shocks them with the announcement of her plans for college.

133 The Interview Show
Mrs. Garrett and the girls reveal secret chapters in their lives when a former Eastland girl, now a celebrated author, interviews them for her latest novel.

134 Out of the Fire
The girls return from a carefree summer vacation to find a devastated Mrs. Garrett rummaging through the burnt remains of Edna's Edibles, her livelihood and their home.

135 Into the Frying Pan
The girls and Mrs. Garrett hire George Burnett, a young, inexpensive contractor to reconstruct Edna's Edibles into their new business venture, a trendy gift, card and clothing boutique called Over Our Heads.

136 Grand Opening
Construction is finished and Mrs. Garrett and the girls are preparing for the grand opening of their new shop. But the opening day of their business may be its last.

137 Teacher, Teacher
Jo's lifelong dream of becoming a teacher is called into question when a major company makes a tempting offer.

138 Men for All Seasons
Natalie wants to sell the Langley swim team's beefcake calendar in the shop against the wishes of the college, causing conflict with her new business partners.

139 A New Life
Blair's 42-year-old, socialite, soon-to-be-divorced mother shocks Blair with the news that she's pregnant.

140 Doo Wah
Despite the girls' objections, Andy enters them in a teen magazine contest to sing backup for rock star El DeBarge.

141 Come Back to the Truck Stop, Natalie Green, Natalie Green
Natalie hits the road looking for interesting people to write about, but instead winds up at a truck stop creating a story involving the girls, George and Mrs. Garrett.

142 Born Too Late
Tootie coaches Andy on how to land a role in the school play and win over the leading lady, but her efforts backfire when Andy falls for Tootie instead.

143 3, 2, 1
Jo and Blair fight over a newsworthy editorial for the Langley television station, while Mrs. Garrett, Tootie and Natalie present a behind-the-scenes look at their trendy boutique.

144 We Get Letters
The girls question Mrs. Garrett's integrity when an old friend accuses her of having an affair with the woman's late husband.

145 Ballroom Dance
After suffering through lessons and a partner with two left feet, Jo is determined to dazzle at her ballroom dance recital.

146 Christmas Baby
Blair's pregnant mother makes an unexpected Christmas delivery six weeks early.

147 Tootie Drives
Tootie's anxiety over getting her driver's license is compounded when she's forced to take her test in a car borrowed from Natalie's job.

148 Stakeout Blues
When Over Our Heads becomes headquarters for a police stakeout, the girls help to capture the crooks and dodge Mrs. Garrett's suspicions.

149 The Agent
Tootie wants to launch the stand-up career of a funny Langley business student by turning Over Our Heads into a comedy club for her new client's debut.

150 The Reunion
To make an old girlfriend jealous, George concocts a scheme for his high school reunion to have Jo act as his fiancee, a wealthy Duchess.

151 Concentration
On her way to accepting an award, Blair is trapped in an elevator with a concentration camp survivor whose troubled past makes her rethink her values.

152 Atlantic City
During a weekend in Atlantic City, Blair catches gambling fever, Natalie and Tootie fend off a casino rat and Jo is reunited with rock singer Flyman, a former beau she met on their spring break adventure.

153 The Lady Who Came to Dinner
The girls' attempt to surprise Blair for her 21st birthday with an offbeat theme party, but their good intentions ruin her hopes for a quiet dinner. The real surprise is when the woman hired to entertain the guests refuses to leave.

154 The Candidate
Natalie's outrage over the construction of an amusement park in quiet Peekskill turns into an all-out political battle that could turn Natalie into the town mayor.

155 Big Time Charlie
Jo's father visits with news of a fortune he made in the stock market, but he spends more money than time with Jo in an attempt to rebuild a long-neglected relationship.

156 The Graduate
As graduation from Eastland draws near, Tootie is faced with a major decision. Should she follow her dream and tour with a production of The Wiz or attend college like her parents expect?

157 The Apartment
Tootie and Natalie decide to move into their own apartment. But their romantic illusions are shattered by the reality of roaches and rusting pipes.

158 Out of Peekskill Part I
Mrs. Garrett faces an emotional crisis when she is torn between remaining in Peekskill with the girls or following the man she loves to Africa.

159 Out of Peekskill Part II
Cloris Leachman joins the series as Mrs. Garrett's sister, Beverly Ann, who makes an auspicious entrance into the lives of Blair, Jo, Tootie and Natalie.

160 Ready or Not
The girls worry that Tootie and her new boyfriend, Rudy, are going to shift their relationship into high gear, especially when Beverly Ann spots Tootie's latest purchase, a sexy negligee.

161 Another Room
When Beverly Ann suggests converting the dusty attic into a loft for Tootie and Natalie, the girls agree to split the construction costs. Jo is forced to make a sacrifice when she can't come up with her share.

162 Off Broadway Baby
When Tootie auditions for her first Broadway show, she is shocked to find herself desperately attempting to undermine the competition.

163 The Little Chill
A reunion with the girls from the Eastland Academy proves revealing as each one discovers the truth behind the exaggerated stories of their lives after high school.

164 The Ratings Game
When Blair decides to computerize her date-rating system, Jo does a little tampering with the disk.

165 Wedding Day
The girls and Beverly Ann are worried when Jo offers to marry an illegal alien in order to keep him from being deported.

166 Fast Food
Much to her distaste, Blair has to get some hands-on work experience for one of her college classes. She ends up working for Natalie as a counter girl at Senor Sombreros.

167 Where's Poppa?
Blair barricades herself in the girls' bedroom when her father, whom she idolizes, is indicted for an illegal stock deal.

168 Write or Wrong
Natalie sees red when her poetry is plagiarized. The culprit ends up being closer than she imagined.

169 Seven Little Indians
The girls and Beverly Ann are terrified when a bizarre chain of events is linked to a mysterious killer on the loose in Peekskill.

170 The Greek Connection
When Tootie tries to join a sorority and Natalie goes on assignment to uncover the unscrupulous ways of the Greek system, trouble arises between them.

171 Post-Christmas Card
A New Year's resolution to upgrade her professional image gets Natalie into financial hot water when she receives a pre-approved credit card.

172 Star Is Torn
Tootie finds it difficult to be sympathetic when rock star Cinnamon gets cold feet and backs out of a national concert tour.

173 A Winter's Tale
A ski weekend turns into a lesson in love for Blair when the girls and Beverly Ann get snowed in at a cabin that was double-booked by four young men.

174 Cupid's Revenge
Old loves reappear and new romances abound for Beverly Ann, Blair, Jo, Tootie and Natalie when they receive a mysterious Cupid statuette.

175 62 Pick-Up
When Bobby Rydell and Fabian come to Peekskill for a concert, Beverly Ann, Andy and the girls go back in time and indulge in a '60s-style fantasy.

176 Boy about the House
It's instant motherhood for Beverly Ann when she decides to adopt Andy after his foster parents split up.

177 Ex Marks the Spot
Beverly Ann is forced to confront her past when her ex-husband, Frank Stickle, suddenly appears and wants to get back in her life.

178 Younger Than Springtime
Jo is outraged when Blair unwittingly sets up Jo's newly single father with a 23-year-old friend.

179 This Is Only a Test
The day before her law school admissions exam, Blair discovers that it is her test score and not her parents' wealth that will decide whether or not she is admitted.

180 Rites of Passage Part I
Jo declines to give her college graduation speech, only to discover that her grandfather has traveled all the way from Poland to see her speak.

181 Rights of Passage Part II
Summer brings a season of change as Beverly Ann, Blair, Tootie and Natalie make their vacation plans, and Jo debates whether or not to accept a job offer in Los Angeles.

182 The Facts of Life Down Under Part I
The girls, Beverly Ann and Andy fly to Sydney to celebrate an anniversary with Koolunga, their Australian sister school. Blair and Jo get involved with jewel thieves and the police.

183 The Facts of Life Down Under Part II
Blair and Jo are being pursued by two men, both of whom claim to be the police while accusing each other of being a jewel thief. Blair and Jo have unwittingly planted a sought-after stone on Natalie who is off with Tootie. Meanwhile, Andy convinces Beverly Ann to take him to a sheep ranch owned by her old boyfriend.

184 The Facts of Life Down Under Part III
Blair and Jo, pursued by the police and a gang of jewel thieves, manage to lose them. Meanwhile, Natalie is touring the Outback with a cattle rancher, Tootie is viewing ancient caves with a handsome American anthropologist who lets her think he is an Aborigine and Beverly Ann rekindles an old flame.

185 The Facts of Life Down Under Part IV
Blair and Jo elude the jewel thieves and arrive at their Australian sister school where they hope to find Natalie with the precious stone. The excitement comes to head when the girls, the police and the thugs all show up.

186 Down and Out in Malibu Part I
A mugging in California leaves a destitute Jo seeking shelter at a police station where she meets Richard Moll and is hired to watch his house while he's away filming. The news that she's living with a man brings the rest of the group out west.

187 Down and Out in Malibu Part II
Water damage to Richard Moll's house dampens the girls' visit to California when they learn the astronomical cost of the repairs.

188 Rumor Has It
A wife's accusations threaten Blair's law school career as she finds herself in the middle of a heated marital conflict.

189 Before the Fall
When Natalie goes undercover as an R.O.T.C. cadet in order to get a story for the paper, she sees a little more action than she bargained for.

190 Sweet Charity
Jo gets a position as assistant to a hot-tempered social worker, only to find that she'll be out of a job if she doesn't come up with a way to bail out the financially-ailing community shelter.

191 Up from Down Under
A mischievous visitor arrives unexpectedly from Australia claiming to be an exchange student at the Eastland School.

192 The More the Marrier
After Tootie's boyfriend, Jeff, breaks their date for the Winter Carnival, she takes Blair's advice and accepts another date, forcing Jeff to make some serious decisions.

193 A Rose by Any Other Age
A dating prospect for Blair turns into a brief but troublesome relationship for Beverly Ann.

194 Adventures in Baileysitting
When Blair agrees to baby-sit her little sister, she discovers what commitment and motherhood really mean. Tootie gets engaged.

195 It's a Wonderful Christmas
Feeling unneeded by her Peekskill family, Beverly Ann succumbs to the holiday blues, until Santa Claus guides her through a Christmas fantasy.

196 Golden Oldies
A discussion on retirement sends Beverly Ann, Blair, Tootie, Natalie, Andy and Jo on a fantasy trip 40 years into the future.

197 A Thousand Frowns
Seeing that Andy is in need of a little brotherly companionship, Jo introduces him to Rick, a friend from the shelter.

198 Something in Common
When Jo introduces her father to her fun-loving boyfriend Rick, he takes an instant and inexplicable dislike to the likeable young man.

199 Peekskill Law
Blair accepts a position as a law clerk only to find herself involved in a scandalous murder trial.

200 A House Divided
When Natalie and Tootie have their boyfriends over for a friendly dinner, they discover that the two can't stand each other.

201 The First Time
Natalie discovers the joys and responsibilities of sexual maturity.

202 Let's Face the Music
While Pippa rehearses with her all-girl heavy metal band, Blair, Jo, Tootie and Natalie prepare for their appearance at a fundraising event with makeovers at a famed beauty salon.

203 Less Than Perfect
Blair is injured in an automobile accident, leaving her with a nasty gash across the forehead. She must come to grips with her vanity.

204 Till Marriage Do Us Part
Jo and Rick are married, but no sooner than they say 'I Do,' Rick is offered a European concert tour.

205 Present Imperfect
Tootie has a lot of explaining to do when an ugly pendant given to her by her formidable grandmother-in-law is irreparably damaged.

206 On the Edge
Jo witnesses firsthand the incredible stress social workers bear when she attempts to talk a colleague out of committing suicide.

207 Big Apple Blues
When Natalie decides to leave the safety of Peekskill to try her luck in New York City, she finds the artist's life in SoHo isn't all pretty pictures.

208 The Beginning of the End Part I
Eastland is on the brink of financial disaster when Blair decides to purchase the school in order to keep the Eastland tradition alive.

209 The Beginning of the Beginning Part II
Blair takes over as headmistress of Eastland and finds herself dealing with students who have more on their minds than studying.