Guest Stars

Robert Alda as Robert
The Return of Mr. Garrett

Richard Dean Anderson as Brian Parker
Brian And Sylvia

Starr Andreeff as Melissa
Christmas in the Big House

John Astin as Vito Mayer
The Summer of '84

Conrad Bain as Mr. Drummond
Rough Housing

Jimmy Baio as Buzz
The Academy

Mayim Bialik
The Beginning of the End, The Beginning of the Beginning

William Bogert as Mr. Parker
Molly's Holiday

Vincent Bufano as soldier
Flash Flood

Greg Bradford as Steve

Steve Bradford as Steve
The Facts of Love

Todd Bridges as Willis
Rough Housing
Bought and Sold

Clark Brandon as Eddie Britten
Teenage Marriage - Parts 1 and 2
Sweet Sorrow
Seems Like Old Times

Claude Brooks as Rudy
The More the Marrier

Joel Brooks as Raymond
Brave New World - Parts 1 and 2

Joyce Bulifant as Margaret
Teacher, Teacher

Dean Cameron as Rick
Taking a Chance on Love

Charo as herself
Come Back to the Truck Stop, Natalie Green, Natalie Green

Jeff Cohen as Seymour Slavick
The Summer of '84

Gary Coleman as Arnold Jackson
Rough Housing
New Girl - Part 1

Signy Coleman
The Greek Connection

Kelly Ann Conn as Penny and Paula
Taking a Chance on Love)

Nicolas Coster as Mr. Warner
It's Lonely at the Top

Michael Damian as Flyman
Gone With the Wind - Parts 1 and 2

El DeBarge as himself

Peter DeLuise as Fielding
It's Lonely at the Top

Cindi Dietrich as Karen
Present Imperfect

Robert DoQui as Jack Humphries
Out of the Fire - Part 1

Christopher Durham as Rex Winchester
Love at First Byte

Marj Dusay as Monica Warner
A Friend In Deed
A New Life
Christmas Baby

Fabian as himself
'62 Pick Up

Megan Follows as Terry Largo
Jo's Cousin

Chip Fields as Diane Ramsey
Mother and Daughter
The Graduate

Stuart Fratkin as Vincent
Into the Frying Pan - Part 2

Kathleen Freeman as Noreen Grisbee
The Beginning of the End
The Beginning of the Beginning

Eva Gabor as Countess Calvet
Bought and Sold

Jami Gertz as Boots St. Clair
Gamma Gamma or Bust
Advanced Placement
All or Nothing
Star at Langley

Leif Green as Chip
Love at First Byte

Seth Green
The Beginning of the End
The Beginning of the Beginning

Bill Henderson as Arthur "Art" Jackson

Linda Henning as Margaret
Younger Than Springtime

Thomas Hill as Clark
Grand Opening - Part 3

Robert Hooks as Mr. Ramsey

Helen Hunt as Emily

Jermaine Jackson as himself

Taliesin Jaffe as boy next door
Next Door

Dana Kimmell as Dina Becker
New York, New York

Jane Kean as Mrs. Andrews
Men For All Seasons

Elizabeth Keifer as Belinda
The Reunion

Tammy Lauren as Kristie

Dwight Larick as Radio Announcer

Sheldon Leonard as Jo's Grandfather
The Rights of Passage

Juliette Lewis
The Beginning of the End
The Beginning of the Beginning

Bill Macy
Golden Oldies

Mako as Mr. Wakamatsu
The Americanization of Miko

Claire Malis as Rose Polniaczek
Help From Home
The Second Time Around

Heather McAdam as Alexandra

Robert Mandan as Bruce
Out of Peekskill - Parts 1 and 2

Penelope Ann Miller
The Greek Connection

Richard Moll as himself
Down and Out in Malibu - Parts 1 and 2

John P. Navin Jr. as Alfred
The Academy

Devon Odessa as Alexis
Present Imperfect

Dick O'Neill as Henry Douglas

Peter Parros as Michael
Crossing the Line

Molly Picon as Grandma Mona
From Russia With Love
A Death in the Family

Dana Plato as Kimberly
Rough Housing

Eve Plumb
Best Sister - Parts 1 and 2

Larry Poindexter as Ken
I'm Dancing As Fast I Can

Babette Props
Before the Fall

Stacey Q as Cinnamon
Off Broadway Baby
A Star Is Torn

David Raynr as Chip
The Academy

Beah Richards as Grandmother
Present Imperfect

Lou Richards as Mr. Palmer
Cousin Geri Returns

Lela Rochon
The Greek Connection

Bobby Rydell as himself
'62 Pick Up

Penina Segall as Emily
Teacher, Teacher

Armin Shimerman as Mr. Smith
Out of the Fire - Part 1

Jean Smart as boy's mother
Next Door

David Spade
Big Apple Blues

Kevin Spirtas as Kevin Blair
The Ratings Game

Richard Stahl as the drunk
The Summer of '84

Ashleigh Sterling as Bailey Warner
Adventures in Baileysitting

Rob Stone as Harvey
Crossing the Line

Dick Van Patten as Beverly Ann's Ex-Husband
Ex Marks the Spot

Ellen Wheeler as Cathy
Big Fish/Little Fish

Susan Walters
Younger Than Springtime

Moon Unit Zappa
The Last Drive In