Lisa Whelchel Biography

Lisa Diane Whelchel was born on May 29th, 1963 in Littlefield Texas. The Texas Native, Lisa appeared in several productions at the Casa Manana Dinner Theatre at a young age. When Lisa was seven years old her mom enrolled her in a drama class to help her get over her shyness. She really took to the class. At the age of thirteen Lisa’s Hollywood career began when she landed a role on Walt Disney’s New Mickey Mouse Club. Actually when Lisa’s mother called Disney about auditions they informed her that they had already ended but they let Lisa fly out to LA and once she auditioned they decided to make an additional spot for Lisa. But after only about two seasons the New Mickey Mouse Club was cancelled. In 1979 Lisa auditioned for the role of Blair Warner on The Facts of Life and she got it. She was cast along with one of her fellow mousketeers, Julie Piekarski. While on the show she was in several made for tv movies such as The Facts of Life Goes to Paris, Skyward, Twirl, No Man’s Land, and The Facts of Life Down Under. Some other movies she was in include The Double McGuffin and Where the Red Fern Grows, Part Two. In 1984 she released her album, All Because of You and that album earned her a Grammy nomination for best inspirational performance. After The Facts of Life though in 1988 Lisa decided to put aside her acting career after she married her pastor Steven Cauble. She is now a mother to three children Tucker (11), Haven(10), and Clancy (8). She has two younger brothers, Cody and Casey. In Fall 2000 her book Creative Correction was released and in July 2001 Lisa started out on a year long book tour throughout the U.S. in an R.V. with her family. In October 2001 her second book, The Facts of Life and Other Lessons My Father Taught Me was released. Her next book, Finding God in America should be published around 2002.