Mindy Cohn Biography

Mindy Cohn was born on May 20th, 1966 in Los Angelos, California. Prior to The Facts of Life Mindy had no acting experience. It was while she was attending the Westlake School For Girls in LA that she was discovered by Charlotte Rae while her and the producers were getting ideas for the show. Charlotte decided that she wanted Mindy to have a part on her show and the rest is history. To most Mindy is known as the neurotic wise cracking character, Natalie Green. Mindy has been an actress, talk show host, and game show guest star. In 1995 Mindy earned a college degree in sociology from Loyola Marymount University. She put that degree to good use on a Phoenix-based radio talk show (106.3FM The Edge) where she discussed teen issues along with her co-host Alan Thicke. Ironically he wrote The Facts of Life theme song. She has guest starred in shows such as 21 Jump Street, Suddenly Susan and HBO's acclaimed Dream On, as well as several television specials for Disney. She co-starred with comedian John Mendoza on the NBC sitcom The Second Half. Mindy has an older sister named Pam who was a stand in for her on The Facts of Life. She was the voice of Candy Yuponce on the TBS series, The Chimp Channel and she appeared as Toni in the 2000 film Alone With a Stranger. She has also done the voice of a character on the FOX animated series, The Kids From Room 402. She has acted in some independent features and taped a few pilots. She has started her own company along with two other partners called Storm Productions. Most recently Mindy appeared on a Past TV Stars edition of The Weakest Link.