Nancy McKeon Biography

Nancy McKeon was born in Westbury, New York on April 4th, 1966. She has one sibling, a brother, Philip McKeon who is 18 months older than her. And over the years they have appeared in over 60 commercials togather. Nancy's middle name is Justine. Nancy began her career as a catalogue model and actress on commercials and the now defunct soap opera The Secret Storm from her childhood home in Forest Hills, NY. But once her brother, Philip got the role of Tommy on Alice the McKeon family headed for the west coast. Soon Nancy begin to share her brother's success. She got guest staring roles in shows such as Starsky and Hutch, The Love Boat, and Alice. Oh yea and of course, The Facts of Life. Nancy's amazing ability to cry on cue earned the nickname "Faucet Face" from her Facts of Life castmates. Once The Facts of Life was cancelled Nancy made several guest starring appearances on TV shows and hosted Friday Night Videos along with Michael Damien. Whom she also dated at one time. She is well known for an impressive list of made-for-TV-movies. In October 1999 Nancy made a guest appearance on an episode of Touched By an Angel. She has also dated Back To The Future star, Michael J. Fox and later Luc Robitaille, a NHL hockey player. In January 2001 Nancy was the subject of an Intimate Portrait on Lifetime. Nowadays you can see Nancy on Lifetime's original series, The Division. She plays the tough and straight forward, yet sensitive and funny cop, Jinny Exstead. You can watch The Division on Lifetime at 9:00 PM Eastern on Sundays.