Nancy McKeon Chat Transcript 7-8-01

lifetime_host: Hi everybody! Welcome to tonight's chat with NANCY MCKEON. Nancy is currently starring as Inspector Jinny Exstead on Lifetime's original series, "The Division." You might remember Nancy from WHAT 80's television show????? C'mon, this is easy ....

tank_4436: facts of life

abluechick: the fact's of life

folkarli498: the facts of life

lifetime_host: Of course you all remember her as Jo from "The Facts of Life"!!!! Lifetime's series, "The Division," explores the personal and professional lives of five very different police women in San Francisco. Nancy plays the wild, impulsive Inspector Jinny Exstead.

lifetime_host: She's here! Everyone, please welcome ......NANCY MCKEON!

nancy_mckeon: Hi everybody!

lifetime_host: What is The Division about?

nancy_mckeon: The Division centers around four police inspectors in San Francisco. And our captain, played by Bonnie Bedilia. The stories revolve around not only the police work that we're doing, but our personal lives.

agressev: What kind of research did you have to do to prepare for playing the roll of a cop on "The Division?"

nancy_mckeon: We had the opportunity to meet and spend some time with four female inspectors in San Francisco. They were a great help in describing what their lives are on a day to day basis in this job.Personally I had the opportunity to go on several ride alongs with the LA County Sheriff's Department with some amazing detectives, who were invaluable to me. They are 20 and 10 year veterans respectively, and their knowledge of the streets and their openness to this kind of life was extremely helpful.

deli1977: How is your role in "The Division" any different then from anything else you have done? and what made you decide on doing this role?

nancy_mckeon: It is very different from the other characters I've played, because of the set of circumstances under which she lives. I'd never played a cop before,and this particular role with what she is going thru, especially during the first season, covering her alcoholism to her on the job performance, was a great opportunity for me as an actress.

funkylittledancingchick: Nancy, what are you really "drinking" when you're filming Jinny's scenes? You can't really be drinking all that alcohol, can you? LOL

nancy_mckeon: LOL! No! We're not allowed to drink on camera. The shots that I do - supposed to be tequila - are mostly water with a dash of diet Coke. It's not that tasty!And the beer is the non-alcoholic kind. There are several brands - O'Doules, or Sharps, they just replace the outside label with whatever brand gets cleared. We've been using a similar label to Red Dog, but I can't remember what we called it, Bad Dog or something. And towards the end of the season, where I'm drinking out of the bottle, it's the same thing, water with Diet Coke or coloring. Tasty --- and non-caloric!

in_nancy_mckeons_shadow: Nancy, Love ya 4- ever and think you have a really really beautiful singing voice. Have you ever thought about releasing an album? By the way could you wish me (Madelyn) a happy 15th B-day? It would make my day!!

nancy_mckeon: Hi Madelyn! - Happy 15th! Hope your day was wonderful...I'm not sure where you heard me sing, but it couldn't possibly have been me!And NO! There is no chance I'm doing that professionally, without massive amounts of training. LOL!

jinnyexstead: First, Congratulations on your "Emmycaliber Performance" on the Division Season Final according to TV Guide. I can't wait to see it. Second, you and Jay Harrington have fantastic onscreen chemistry. I was wondering if you enjoy working with him?

nancy_mckeon: Absolutely! He's wonderful, not only as an acting partner, but he's also a great friend. And hopefully we'll be able to see him again next season.

agressev: So far, what has been your favorite episode of The Division?

nancy_mckeon: Hmm. I would have to say the final episode.Our season finale. Not only did I have a chance to get to work with the other great actors on the show, which we don't often have the opportunity to work all together, and we had an amazing guest cast. And it was personally challenging for me.

gablorm: Is there any actor or actress that you would love to guest star on "The Division?"

nancy_mckeon: LOL! My goodness! One person I've always wanted to work with who would be an amazing guest star would be James Earl Jones.

dgallyman: How did you get your role on "The Division"?

nancy_mckeon: I read the pilot script originally and loved the character, that was originally written for a tall, really beautiful blond. And they opened the casting call to anybody. And I decided to just go in and meet with Deborah Joy Levine, our executive producer. We got along great,and met a few more times. And she decided that she wanted me for the role.

lt_jg_meg_austin: I'm in Germany and would like to know if they're going to air it in other countries, too. Do you know that by chance?

nancy_mckeon: Well I was just at the National Cable Television Association convention, where they sell shows like ours to different countries. And hopefully somebody from the German television market was at the convention....That's really the only way that it would be coming there soon.

shazziegirl: Nancy - greetings from a South African - I just wanted to tell you that I think you are really great :o)

nancy_mckeon: Shazzie, thank you for the kind words!

jj54ww: You sang on The Facts of Life!

nancy_mckeon: Not well!We actually sang a few times...but not well! We had El Debarge, we sang back up for him....not well!We had Fabian on, we sang back up for him...not well!

kshack201: Hi! I have been a big fan for a long time. I was wondering, do you take martial arts still to stay in shape for your current roll?

nancy_mckeon: Absolutely.I have the privilege of studying with Grand Master Tak Kubota at IKA in Glendale, California.And it's a wonderful class and a wonderful way to workout.

flashbackseries: What kind of things do you do to stay in shape besides Karate?

nancy_mckeon: Sometimes I go to Tai Boe class, I have a treadmill in my house that I walk on for an hour or so,I live close to some great hiking trails in my neighborhood, today I took a 2 hour hike,it's really great, to be able to go out doors and stay in shape.Take a friend along, and we can catch up!

nancysbiggestfan: How does your belief in God play a role in your acting life?

nancy_mckeon: Hopefully, spiritually is a part of everything that I do. Whether it takes the form of a flawed character as Jinny is, or any other role that I get to take on.Hopefully there is a core of spirituality to the character that you can tap into. Which adds only another great layer to the character you're playing.

janeln78: Starting back when you were on Facts of Life you have portrayed a tougher character in almost everything you do. Do you see yourself as that type of person in real life?

nancy_mckeon: Hmm. I believe I have a certain core strength, but obviously the circumstances are completely different, not only from character to character,but from character to real life.And since I embody a character when I take on a role, that strength would tend to come with it.

funkylittledancingchick: Nancy, I loved the episode where Megan Follows guest starred. She was on Facts of Life too. What was it like working with her after 20 years?

nancy_mckeon: Terrific! She is a great actress, andit was great to be able to work with somebody again so many years after our initial meeting.

mynameisjohn23: Okay Nancy I would like to say I had the biggest crush on you when you were on the facts of life!! My question is do you still keep in touch with the cast?

nancy_mckeon: Thank you so much for being so kind...I do keep in touch...we don't get to talk as often as we used to, but it's wonderful catching up when we do.

jinnyandteddy4ever: Out of all "The Division" characters which one are you most life in real life?

nancy_mckeon: I don't think I'm like any of them actually. I think that I have things in common with Jinny, but I think we're all pretty different from the characters we play.

bunnybaby44: Do any of you permanent cast members get to have input into the script each week?

nancy_mckeon: Yes. We have a cast read through of our scripts weekly, and we sit in a conference room all together before beginning the new episode, and talk about, not only the stories, but where the characters are going through the stories and our executive producer and our writers are very good about including us and our thoughts in our weekly scripts.

copeland_jessica: there was a movie that you starred in on lifetime where you were married to a man named buck and he stabbed you and there was a child involved. did that movie inspire you in any way?

nancy_mckeon: The movie was called "A Cry For Help,The Tracy Thurman Story." And the most inspiring part of that movie was getting to meet Tracy herself. Who was very brave and courageous.

darleensdream: What made you decide to become an actress, and at what age?

nancy_mckeon: I started working at the age of 2, doing commercials and modeling in New York. And it wasn't until I came out here to California when my brother got a role on the show Alice, that I also began to go on auditions for acting roles.

jinnyandteddy4ever: What advice do you have for young actress or girls who want to be actress?

nancy_mckeon: My strongest advice would be to really think about whether this is something you absolutely cannot live without in your life. And based on that I would probably say the best thing to do is go to college and perhaps major in drama, theater....And give it your best shot from there.

amerr31548: Hi, Nancy. I have loved you since you first walked onto "The Facts of Life," as a writer myself, are you going to be doing more of your own, and how can we obtain a copy of "A Wakening?"

nancy_mckeon: Good luck and keep writing! As far as "Awakening" goes, no copies are available as yet. And although I enjoyed writing it very much, directing was the main goal on that project.

adankow: What was your first car?

nancy_mckeon: A Mazda RX7, which I loved! And it got stolen!It was a great car.

adankow: Who's your favorite singer or band at the moment?

nancy_mckeon: At the moment I really love listening to the Dave Matthews Band.

nukerbear2002: How tall are you?....Tracey Needham seems to tower over everyone.

nancy_mckeon: LOL! I'm almost 5-6. Lisa Vidal, who plays Magda, my partner on the show,is about 5-1. I mean 5-2. And Tracy is I believe around 5-11.

nancym143: Hi Nancy!! First I would just like to tell you I LOVE you so much! you are an amazing women and actress! I was just wondering if you could of choose anything else to do with your life other then acting what would it of been?

nancy_mckeon: I might have become a lawyer, I know just what the world needs, another lawyer!....Or perhaps a teacher. Those are two professions that interest me very much.

angelbaby_0186: would you consider actually being a cop?

nancy_mckeon: After doing my ride alongs, I'm not sure that I have the kind of courage it takes to be able to do this job day in and day out. A police force, wherever they are, is made up of amazing people, and I respect them a great deal.

SwirlGrl: have you received positive feedback from female law enforcement officers because of your role on the show?

nancy_mckeon: I've heard from a couple of female officers, that they understand exactly what my character is going through, and that they really like the show.

sloscorpio: HI Nancy, My 5 yr old daughter Amy who is Terminal is such a huge fan of yours can you say Hi to her ? it would make her day.

nancy_mckeon: Hi Amy! I hope you've had a wonderful day, and I'm so glad that you chose to spend some of it with me. And I'm so happy to hear from you.

conbil2: First I just want to say that I am a huge fan. My wife always laughs at me because when ever you are on I make her watch with me. Do you have any plans for any other projects besides "The Division," which I think is great.

nancy_mckeon: Thank you so much and thank your wife for her patience from me! Right now I'm just concentrating on "The Division" as we approach our second season. But I'm sure I'll find something to interest me other than the show soon.

jenelleterrie2001: In college I studied Staneslovski's theory to acting. Which theory do you identify with best.

nancy_mckeon: Actually I've never had formal training, I was lucky enough to continue working most of my career and aside from sitting in on a couple of classes, here and there, I basically just use my own instincts. But I encourage going to class and developing what seems to work best for you, whatever method that may be.

goddessgrl341: Do you enjoy watching yourself on TV???? Also, what other shows besides yours do you watch?

nancy_mckeon: Normally I don't watch myself, because I'm not very objective. I would rather watch shows like "The West Wing," "Ed," "Fraser," and "Once And Again."

nancymckeonfan2006: Have you started to film Season 2 yet?

nancy_mckeon: No. We actually just finished our first season at the end of May. And won't begin filming our second season until September.

sophrebel: What will happen to Jinny next season?

nancy_mckeon: The honest truth is we haven't' decided yet.

gablorm: Would you love to act with Philip, your brother?

nancy_mckeon: Yes, that would be great fun! But as he has turned his personal life more towards directing and producing, I'm not sure that I'll get the opportunity.

lilmar41: So do you film in San Francisco or is it in a studio?? I've been to the places where they show at the beginning of the show.. do you like the San Francisco area??

nancy_mckeon: I love San Francisco. Last season we shot for about a week and a half up in the Bay area. But the majority of our show is shot here in LA.

lissyis31: Do you have any plans to do another Lifetime movie?

nancy_mckeon: Not at the moment, right now we're just concentrating on the series.

lifetime_host: Well, everyone, that's all the time we have this evening. Nancy, thank you SOOOO much for spending this hour with us!

nancy_mckeon: I just want to thank everyone for their support, not only of me but of our show...It means a great deal. Have a great summer!

lifetime_host: Thanks again! And thanks to everyone who tuned in with us tonightfor our live chat with Nancy McKeon, star of Lifetime's "The Division."You can find out more about her and the show OR ......You can check into ALL of your favorite Lifetime shows at .... Thanks for being here!

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