The Reunion Movie

The Facts of Life Reunion Movie aired on November 17, 2001. Four of the five main cast members all returned to make the movie. The only member absent was Nancy McKeon who played the street wise girl from the Bronx, Jo Poliaczek. The four girls all reunite for a Thanksgiving dinner at the request of Natalie who is now a CNN reporter. Mrs. Garrett returns from Africa via cruise ship with a new love interest. Blair is now married to her husband Tad and they togather own a hotel. Kim, now a single mother to her daughter Tisha is a talk show host on her show, Wake Up With Dorothy. Even though Jo wasn't in the movie her husband Rick did attend along with their daughter, Jamie. The plot of the movie revolves around Natalie and her two marriage proposals as well as Blair fearing Tad is having an affair, and Tootie dealing with life as a single mother and still managing her career. The movie ranked number nine in the Neilson Ratings.

Reunion Movie Photos

Reunion Movie Cast

Mindy Cohn as Natalie Green
Kim Fields as Dorothy Ramsey
Charlotte Rae as Mrs. Edna Garrett
Lisa Whelchel as Blair Warner Warner
Mark Lutz as Harper
Mallory Margel as Jamie Bonner
Joel Brooks as Raymond Garrett
Scott Bryce as Rick Bonner
Alexandra Johnson as Tisha Ramsey
Joe Dinicol as Sam the bellboy
Barclay Hope as Robert
Kevin Jubinville as Tad Warner