At the end of the episode Gossip, Sue Ann is the only one not licking envelopes.

Mrs. Garrett makes an indirect reference to Diff'rent Strokes in the episode, Free Spirit.

The first time a back door to the common room at Eastland is shown is in the episode, Sweet Sorrow.

Mrs. Garrett Worked at the Howard Inn in the episode Give And Take.

Tootie starred in South Pacific in the episode, Green Eyed Monster

The episode, The Four Musketeers is the famous paint fight episode.

Miko's last appearance on The Facts of Life is in the episode, Runaway.

Natalie's first article was entitled, An Eighth Grader Gets Angry.

Blair's horse was named Chestnut.

Blair won the Harvest Queen Pageant at Eastland for three years in a row.

The books banned from the Eastland Library in the episode Read No Evil are The Fixer, Catch 22, Slaughterhouse Five, and Ms. Magazine.

Tootie's ear infection in the episode, The Sound of Silence was called Sirus O Titus.

The liscense plate number on Mr. Warner's Porche is 855 FEN.

Tootie has a maid in two episodes, I.Q. and Guess What's Coming to Dinner.

Kelly Afanado made her first appearance on The Facts of Life in the episode, Just My Bill.

Todd Hollowell appeared on The Facts of Life as two characters. Zach in the episode, Dear Me and as Jeff in various episodes throughout the series.

In the episode, Crossing The Line if you watch Blair and Jo as they are leaving the kitchen after talking about their tips you'll see Blair accidently hit Jo.

Duke Patterson is Langley's richest graduate and he donated 500,000 dollars for a new scoreboard in the episode, All or Nothing.

Natalie's father is named Sai.

The episode, Big Fish/Little Fish is the unofficial second half to the episode, A Death In The Family.

11,000 dollars was raised for the St. Martince School in the episode, All By Herself.

Natalie's birthday is September 2, 1966.

Eastland had its first drug bust in 54 years in the episode, Dope.

Sue Ann's mother is 41 years old.

Sue Ann has a dog named Tiger.

The New Yorker poster stays on the set throughout season seven.

Tumpy's last name is Barksdale in the episode, Dope.

The bookcase in the episode, Dope was moved from previous episodes.

The stereo from the episode, Dope stays on the set throughout the whole series.

Snake and Natalie eat at the Green River Inn in the episode, The First Time.

Snake's real name is Norbert.

The First Time was the highest rated Facts of Life episode.

Blair and Jo get a makeover at the Golden Mirror Spa in the episode, Let's Face The Music.

Pippa's band is called, The Witches of Eastland in the episode, Let's Face The Music.

The girls stole from Harrisons in the episode, Shoplifting.

Jo's mom is from Sicily.

Monica Warner attended Eastland.

The computer's name is Steve in the episode, Dear Apple.

Natalie's bowling team is called The Hurricanes in the episode, Talk, Talk, Talk.

Blair's watch plays Staying Alive by the BeeGees in the episode, The Rich Aren't Different and it cost 300 dollars.

Eastland was originally called Eastlake in the pilot episode.

Cindy does not appear in the pilot episode.

Brenda misspells Blair's name in the episode, Teacher's Pet by adding an e to the end of it.

Blair's eyes are brown with green and gold flecks.

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